Meet Your Fishermen

Do you know where your seafood comes from?

Despite the diversity and abundance of domestic fisheries, over 85% of the seafood we consume here is imported. China, Thailand, Canada, Indonesia, Vietnam and Ecuador are the primary countries catching, farming and shipping this seafood into the US. Unfortunately, many of the protections built into US fisheries management are not enforced on the high seas. Seafood species we value in our diet (shrimp, tuna, swordfish, just to name a few) that American fishermen would like to continue making a living from, are often caught or farmed without regard to the future. If you are concerned about eating seafood that is sustainable, we recommend you buy US wild-caught seafood. Your choice supports an industry of fishermen and their families, and the heritage of our country.

By Port

Did we miss someone? The Faces of California Fishing invites all California commercial fishermen, active and retired, to either download our Questionnaire and return it to us with an appropriate photo or submit information via our online form.