Anoplopoma fimbria

Sablefish, or blackcod, is a deepsea fish that is found from Alaska to California. Fishermen who target blackcod exclusively use 'fixed gear' such as longlines and traps. Because of their high oil content, these fish are nutritious and rich tasting. Much of the catch in California is exported to Asia where the fish is in high demand, but you can often find it at local markets and restaurants with connections to local fishermen.

In season: year round

Fishermen who catch this fish:

Bettencourt, Geoff
Byrd, Larry
Cullen, Roger
Dahlberg, Chad
DeWolfe, Warren
Faulk, Tom
Fortado, Jr., Larry
Fortado, Sr., Larry
French, John
French, Jeff
Hafer, Tom
James, Bill
Kann, Randy
Miller, Ken
Nguyen, Meo
Nozicka, Jiri
Pemberton, Don
Pennisi, Gino
Pschaida, Steve
Quick, Wilson
Rold, Jerid
Stickel, Tom
Stiller, Mike
Sylvester, Ed
Terra, Derel
Tognazzini, Mark
Trusso, Steve