Albacore Tuna

Albacore tuna are caught mainly using hook and line (polls) or by trolling. This species is managed federally as part of the Highly Migratory Species complex. In general, tuna have a wide geographic distribution, undertaking migrations of significant but variable distances across oceans for feeding or reproduction. They are pelagic species, which means they mostly live in the open ocean, although they may spend part of their life cycle in nearshore waters. Only a small fraction of the total harvest is taken within U.S. waters.

In season: Summer to fall

Fishermen who catch this fish:

Adams, Bruce
Ambiel, Greg
Arnoldi, Fred
Azevedo, Carl
Barrow, Bill
Barrow, Dick "Red"
Benadik, Paul
Bertolucci, Larry
Boro, Rusty
Capen, Tom
Carney, Kevin
Carter, Barbara
Dahlberg, Chad
Faulk, Tom
Finch, Jeff
French, John
Friedman, Dave
Harmsen, Randy
Hart, Tom
Jablonski, Dave
Kann, Randy
Latham, Ron
McCray, Tom
Moser, Jim
O'Brien, Jeremiah
Ponds, Archie
Poss, Jeff
Pschaida, Steve
Quick, Wilson
Ricketts, Mike
Roff, Tom
Rold, Jerid
Rose, David
Stacey, Brian
Stickel, Tom
Stoops, Joe
Terra, Derel
Tognazzini, Mark
Tomasello, Joe
Williamson, Brian