Lori French describes to local youth how a crab pot is used.
Lori outreach1
The Faces of California Fishing is happy to travel to your festival or event. The purpose of our Outreach is to educate the public and promote commercial fishing in California. Please contact Lori French if you would like to add your event to her schedule.

Lori French, Morro Bay CA



February Fisheries Forum, Sacramento
April Bodega Bay Fisherman's Festival
June Central Coast Women for Fisheries Fish Fry
July World's Largest Salmon BBQ, Fort Bragg
August Central Coast Women for Fisheries/ Rotary Fish Fry
September  TBD
October Morro Bay Harbor Festival

Santa Barbara Harbor Festival

November Pacific Marine Expo, Seattle WA
December  TBD











Lori is the wife of second generation fisherman, Jeff French.  They have two boys, Lorrin and Drew who also fish when home on breaks from school. Lorrin French is the designer for all of The Faces of California Fishing graphics.

All posters, banners and graphics can be downloaded for free. Please contact Lori for the dropbox password. All we ask is that the Faces of California Logo remain on the downloaded item. If a port outside of California wishes to have banners or posters designed for their particular area please contact:

Lorrin French, 805-748-4931